Allstream has a range of purpose-built equipment to assist in slurry separation and solidification. It is robustly built for real jobsite conditions, unlike other equipment which may be lightly built and may result in costly repair or replacement use. We have the right equipment and the capacity to handle the largest HDD’s.

  • 75m3 Storage bins – heavy duty, rectangular mixing bins built to withstand the rigours of constant mixing with excavators
  • 35m3 round bottom bin – excellent for sites that are tight for space or smaller excavators are used
  • Weir tank – great for settling suspended solids out of sump water to reduce sediment loading
  • 3m3 bins – heavy duty bins for general powder storage or as a bin under smaller capacity drills
  • Allstream Rapid – a high capacity containerized liquid mixing system for pumpable slurries. Containerized system solidifies slurries, blends powdered flocculants and coagulants at high capacities, up to 800m3 per shift.  Great for pull-in fluids, treating leachate and dredged materials.
  • Mix head – robust excavator mounted mix head, specifically designed for use in solidification, greatly increasing productivity and economizing on reagent
  • Excavators for mix head – sized to be easily transportable and capable of relocating and loading bins
  • Soils are quickly separated, coarse material for backfill reuse, water is clarified and cleaned for reuse and fines are solidified for efficient transport and disposal.

Vac Waste separation station

Allstream’s Vac Waste separation station, streamlines the management of daylighting soils and reducing the likelihood of uncontrolled dumping in non-approved locations. The vac dump station can rented as a complete unit, with maintenance support from Allstream.

Alternately Allstream can provide a complete turnkey solution. By applying several novel technologies in a well-thought out system, large infrastructure projects can minimize truck traffic, allow owner control of dump hours, provide predictable trip turnaround times.

Depending on the options and soil types being excavated, the Allstream can provide separate out fine gravel for easy reuse onsite, separate out wash water for reuse and produce solidified fines for easy offsite disposal as solid waste rather than liquid waste.

This means transport in dump trucks not low capacity and expensive vac trucks. Further by having an in-house dump station, liability is reduced from uncontrolled dumping and less distance travelled with vac trucks to dump stations.