A solid solution for liquid waste problems

Why us?

Sludges and slurries pose a unique challenge to a variety of industries that can be time consuming and have high costs attached. By using on-site solidification with site-specific waste processing equipment and electronic tracking tools, Allstream can streamline the sludge and slurry management process.


From its inception, Allstream has been focused on bring innovative solidification / separation technologies and applying to specific client needs.   We have provided comprehensive waste managements solutions to clients in the Horizontal Directional Drilling Industries.  We have worked extensively with Enbridge, Union Gas, TransCanada Pipelines….

Popular Benefits


ECA Compliance

Minimize regulatory exposure.

Minimize Waste Transport Costs


Reduce Disposal Costs


Control Waste Disposal

Ensure regulatory compliance .

Reduce Liability


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Fewer Trucks